What I Wore Wednesdays: School Projects

Ok, school projects? Many of you know I no longer teach in the public school setting and we didn’t move here to extend my schooling (it was the Hubs;), but when the classroom calls its hard to stay away. After … Continue reading

New House!!!

Hi all!

I don’t normally post on Saturdays, but we flew in late last night and I’m to excited to wait until Monday to share! We bought a New House!!! Well new to us anyways. Its a 1979 cottage in Portage, MI (just outside of Kalamazoo) not far from the Hubs new job!  I will share more pics as the paper work gets moved along and be sure to follow me on Instagram, because I’m most likely going to share it there first. Still no definite move date for those that are asking but tentatively early summer. We hope to get that narrowed down next week or so. For now look how cute it is and make plans to come visit!


Also to celebrate I’ve had a little pre moving sale in my Etsy shop! Everything is 30% off until Midnight Sunday! This is great if you have had your eye on something.

Also if you are local I’m teaming up with Thrifted Sisters next Saturday for a great vintage sale at Conundrum Music Hall in West Columbia! We are super excited about this and have lots of new pieces to share with you guys! So come out and try something on;) We hope to see you there!


What I Wore Wednesdays: Spring!!!

This winter really wore me out! I think it wore a lot of people out. I believe that’s why the whole world breathed a sigh of relieve when the first day of Spring hit last week. Sure it’s still a … Continue reading

From Timbuctoo to Kalamazoo


Hi Friends!

After not blogging for two months I’m back and I promise this month you will not be disappointed as I have lots of things for show and tell.

We had lots to do in January and February, and lets face it, the Blog is the first to take a backseat when big family decisions are being made!

Many of you know that in Nov 2012 we moved from a small town in TN to and Apartment half the size in downtown Columbia, SC so my husband could finish grad school. He graduates this coming May and by last Christmas interviews were in full swing both here in SC and in MI where the he grew up.

To make this very long story short we accepted a job in Columbia in Jan and told our close family and friends. This is where I know God has a sense of humor and I swear he gets a kick of my poor attempt at making plans. Which can we be honest here and agree that most of the time I fly by the seat of my pants.

Not long after the Hubs accepted his first position, which was stressful enough, offers from MI started rolling in. So…

“Load the car and write the note

Grab your bag and grab your coat

Tell the ones that need to know

We are headed north”

Avett Brothers – I And Love And You Lyrics | MetroLyrics

…the rumors are true. Being both excited and sad this vintage girl will be moving with her Hubs and two cats to Kalamazoo, MI at the end of May /first of June!!!

Our close family and friends know but over the last two weeks its become more official as paperwork is being processed, upcoming graduation requirements are being met and the house hunting has started.

So since today is Dr. Seuss Birthday I thought how appropriate to announce we are moving to a city called Kalamazoo!

They took him to Boston, to Kalamazoo, Chicago,

Weehawken and Washington, too.”

                  -Horton Hatches and Egg, Dr. Seuss

I can’t wait to share with you all the little details and how this decision was made, but I’m really not one for wordy blogs so I will share more in the next few weeks. Be sure and follow me on Instagram for more vintage and now house hunting news, and check back Wednesday for What I Wore Wednesday and what I have been up to for two months!

Handmade for the Holidays Blog Hop

Remember Monday’s announcement about resliced by Jordan’s Handmade for the Holidays Blog Hop? Well, today’s my day along with Life is Pichey! We are ending this week off with a bang! I’m so excited to share with you some of my favorite handmade gift tutorials as well as some of my favorite handmade businesses (and events that help bring them to you!).

hh blog hop image2

DIY Gift Ideas & Tutorials

  1. Simple Circle Scarf {tutorial}

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 8.46.21 AM

Ok can we all admit that sometimes a no-sew option is just what we need to make the holidays less stressful? I admit this year I bought cute fabric and made some circle scarves for friends and family, but in a pinch this is super easy and cost/time effective! Even if you are like me and choose to go the hard route and you want more of a challenge, then jazz it up like the one pictured above with a little paint. See the how to here!

2. Up-cycled DIY Holiday Decor/Gift Idea {tutorial}


This can be a gift for someone who has everything or a treat for yourself! I adapted this from a DIY post from Liz Marie Blog. Which if you are not following her you should! DIY for every skill level!

1. I used an old window and a wreath I got from Goodwill instead of the wood planks she used. (cost about $10.00)


2. I almost always have some dried flowers lying around because you can always do something with them and old gold metallic paint I had left over from a past project. ( cost here: Free)


3. Then I hot glued them randomly throughout the wreath and secured it to the window via fishing line from the handle (for a more secure wreath use a command hook). Then painted a J and Y in the same gold paint and simple DIY looks like you spent hours! (pardon this iPhone photo. It was the only one I grabbed during Thanksgiving festivities!)


Handmade Businesses I Love

  • Nana by Sally – S.C. Handcrafted Handbags for the Modern Woman.

IMG_5749This lady was on of the first of many friends I have made since moving to S.C. In just the two years I have known her I have seen her grow in her craft and she is quickly become a master. Her hugs come free with her handbags and she makes me strive to be more humble and giving in my own crafting/business endeavors!


Last year for Christmas she helped me design this bag for my sister using the trim in the center that was our Nanny’s. I’m not going to post the photo but my sister sent me a photo of here “ugly crying” when she opened it in her new home in Vancouver. Sally understood my story and what I wanted/needed to give my sister and made it happen! She does great custom work and many of her bags are available for purchase here, and she can be seen most Saturdays at Soda City Market on Main St. Be sure to follow her on Facebook here.

  • Owelette – Whimsical Baby Attire


I can’t tell you how fun this little lady is! Her little bear and dino bonnets and little vest are all expertly made! They also come in a variety of patterns and colors! I got one of the little bear bonnets for my youngest nephew and he sported it to all his big brothers soccer games this fall!


Find more of her handmade goods here and be sure to also follow Owelette on Facebook here! Also if you have time take a moment to read more about this wonderful family here and follow their story!

  • Juniper Wilde – Plush whimsical Pillows and Blankets

IMG_5750I love all of Juniper Wilde’s products! So soft and plush and made of organic cotton! I have the yellow goodnight pillow above and I love how it looks with my vintage decor. Her baby blankets and hat sets make great gifts and they are all designed by her and printed here in the U.S.! Also I’m bias because she is family, but that also means sometimes I get sneak peeks of up coming lines and you guys will LOVE the new spring line!!! Eek I’m excited and I don’t have any little ones;) Be sure to check out her shop here, and follow on Facebook for sneak peeks and upcoming sales here.


Local Events

Several of the above artist can be found at these upcoming shows below. Be sure and get out and support your local artist. By doing so you support your community, state and neighbor.

  • Crafty Feast – Sunday, December 14 from12-6pm at the Columbia Convention Center
    • Local indie craft fair with tons of handmade goodness!! Get unique gifts and stocking stuffers!
  • Soda City market – every Saturday from 9-1pm on Main Street
  • NestIf you don’t have time to make it out to the markets you can shop Nest most days 10am – 6pm for lots of local art and gift ideas!


More Handmade Gift Ideas

Don’t forget to check out my fellow bloggers who will be sharing more crafty gift ideas with you this week:

Read more about each of the bloggers in my introduction post.

Continue to support handmade businesses by following Columbia’s Etsy Market Team on Facebook where you’ll stay in the loop with upcoming events and all things crafty in Columbia. We have exciting things happening this Spring!!!

Handmade for the Holidays Blog Hop!

Handmade for the Holidays Blog Hop – starting THIS week!

This week I’ll be joining 5 crafty bloggers to participate in a Handmade for the Holidays Blog Hop hosted by resliced by Jordan!

The series starts TODAY, December 1 and runs through this Friday, December 5, 2014.

hh blog hop image2

Here’s how it will work:

Each day one blogger will share with you links to some of her favorite handmade gift tutorials. In addition, we’ll also share with you some handmade shops we’re looking forward to supporting (hello, gift ideas!) and some local craft fairs and other events where you can support local artisans this season.

Here’s the schedule:

Monday: Jordan of resliced by Jordan

  • Jordan is a full-time data nerd with a fierce passion for making things by hand. She owns a small handmade business called resliced where she focuses on upcycling to create one-of-a-kind jewelry and purses. Read more about Jordan here.
    • Jordan’s favorite crafts include: sewing (mostly bags & occasionally garments), jewelry making, calligraphy and just about anything else!

Tuesday: MaryAnn of Life is a Maker Faire

  • MaryAnn spends her days training teachers to better utilize technology in the classroom. To escape the Monday-Friday grind, MaryAnn makes cards and other paper goods for her handmade business, M.A.S.W. Designs. Read more about MaryAnn here.
    • MaryAnn’s favorite crafts include: Anything paper – cards, treat bags, banners, etc; Sewing; Baking- cookies, cakes, or any sweets.

Wednesday: Rachel of Sew Happily Ever After

  • Rachel spends her days chasing children around the classroom as an elementary teacher and her evenings chasing her adorable toddler around (and she’s got another little one on the way!). From making you a custom t-shirt quilt to sewing up some seriously impressive clothing – you name it, Rachel can sew it! Read more about Rachel here.
    • Rachel’s favorite crafts include: sewing garments (womens & girls), home decor sewing, and quilting – anything with fabric and thread! Rachel also enjoys photography and cooking.

Thursday: Addie of Addie K.

  • From a wedding dress to a 20 foot boat cover, Addie has been there and sewed that! Addie has been sewing for more than 20 years and has spent the last half of those teaching others to sew – at The Art Institute of Charlotte, at Midlands Technical College starting in the spring, and she’s even available for private lessons! In addition, Addie is also a talented pattern designer. Read more about Addie here.
    • Addie’s favorite crafts include: sewing clothing, quilting, embroidery, kid-friendly crafts and upcycling / finding creative ways to reuse things.

Friday: Shanika of Life is Pichey AND Emily of Butterfly Vintage

  • Shanika loves to craft so much that she founded Gather & Craft as a way to encourage members of the community to come together and create (gather and craft). Recently, Shanika started offering her handmade goods to the public through her new shop, Sebastian Harper. Read more about Shanika here.
    • Shanika’s favorite crafts include: anything fiber related, sewing (hand and machine), knitting, crocheting, natural dyeing.
  • And me! Emily a former art teacher turned vintage fashion expert {browse my shop on Etsy}. I’m also a graphic designer with Sandra Mack Studio. Read more about me here.
    • My favorite crafts include: painting, repurposing, minimal sewing, paper crafts, garlands and anything that incorporates vintage material.


I hope you’ll “hop” around and support the other bloggers participating – subscribe to their blogs, like their Facebook pages and share the love with these gals!

Continue to support handmade businesses by following Columbia’s Etsy Market Team on Facebook where you’ll stay in the loop with upcoming events and all things crafty in Columbia.

What I Wore Wednesday: Fall update

Not all, but a few of you have wondered where the heck I have been since September. For us market gypsy’s, September is the start of a very busy Holiday season for market goers. Sadly I’m terrible at remembering to take photos of myself. Most of my market photos are of other people or products. However, I’ve been spending less time on my hair and since I’m proud of the results I’ve documented it somewhat. (Many of these are after the market so ignore the runny makeup)

The Victory Roll.


I’ve already talked about this once here, but if you just do a small section it takes less than five min and works great on day old hair.

IMG_5383 IMG_5392

Use a scarf or bandana to hold in place. This also helps your roll stand up all day without having to use a lot of hair product. There are a million different ways on the web so I tried a few with my hair and have found one that is quick and easy for me. So pick one that works for you and own it!


Thankfully I have great friends that take market photos of me and then blog about it here, (At the Urban Outfitters Marketplace) so you can see the whole outfit!

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 12.40.22 PMUOevent

Pssst. I still have some of this tribal print fabric Shanika used to make her jacket here!

Side Braid.


This one took a little longer because it was my first time also tying a side bun (which I did have to mess with throughout the day so it’s not perfected yet), but the braid was quick and simple. Great for me with natural straight hair. It made it not look so flat and help hold the lace headband.

These were taken at Soda City’s October Fest. The lovely Erin from The Wurst Wagen. (The best you guys!!!)


My partner in crime, Padget from Ten and Nine Vintage Supply Co….


and sometimes I find canid shots of me on Lord Maxwells local fashion blog. Not sure why I’m frowning. A fun time was had by all! Promise!

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 12.46.58 PM


What I Wore Wednesday: Still on a boat

OK! I know! If your super OCD and expect me to post a What I Wore Wednesday on an actually Wednesday then you don’t know me that well. Though I try, I like to let life happen to me and roll with it, instead of trying to control what happens. I am can be controlling by nature, but it adds stress to my life and my body doesn’t handle stress well so I’ve adapted, and keep re-adapting to my constantly changing life.

So on that note here is my What I Wore Wednesday post that was interrupted by my faithful little car needing FOUR new tires! Not to mention I was so flustered and on edge while I was there because like the penny pincher I tend to be, I gave them a coupon….that was for their competitor!!!! The shame! (I would also like to point out that in trying to help ease the burden of having one tire looked at, because I thought only one had a problem, the Hubs printed the coupon for me and I didn’t double-check.) The whole ordeal took up the majority of my day and everyone at the repair shop I think felt sorry for me because they kept checking on me, gave me a ride home and threw in some free stuff. (I did get four tires, so I earned that free stuff!)

As you know last week I was pumped about going to the Yacht Rocks party hosted by the Free Times. I love themed parties and they really went all out! The decor was a great mix of vintage nautical goods and kitsch that you buy from the party store. The food was on point and the music was super fun and retro that everyone knew the words to! I basically talked to people the whole three hours I was there and forgot to even play shuffle board!!

So on to what I wore….




Top a Vintage 70’s novelty print (found here) paired with a ModCloth Matisse Skirt and vintage navy boat shoes. My hair is the longest it has been in ages so I did a twist on the Victory Roll last min and you can see some of my favorite tutorials here.

I hear this a lot when people shop with me at shows. “Do you know ModCloth? It looks a lot like their stuff.” It does I agree. I even shop with them on occasion and here is my experience. Buyer beware. If you don’t like returning things don’t bother shopping with them. On the plus side returning is free and I’ve never had a problem. Almost every item I buy from them the item doesn’t fit right the first try, or the quality is so poor I could not subject the rest of the clothes in my closet to be hung next to it. Once I bought a pair of shoes in my size and they were huge…I got the size down and couldn’t put my foot into it…needless to say God was telling me I did not need those shoes! jk  Also come visit me sometime and I will hang my “vintage inspired” mod cloth dresses next to my vintage dress and you tell me which one you want to wear. Though I do turn to ModCloth in a pinch when I need something super specific quickly for an event such as wedding or Halloween party. Just be prepared to only wear it a few times before it falls apart.


This lovely lady was not my date, but great one none-the-less and I’m glad we have this photo to prove it! My actual date and I had several photos taken of us but we didn’t get one ourselves and I can not locate one to show you how fantastic she is!! (If you have one please send it to me so I don’t look like a liar). I’ll give you a clue though! The clutch I’m holding was made by her! Doesn’t it match perfectly!?! Her Nana Bags get looks and start conversations everywhere I go! I’ve also started a collection and so have a few other ladies in my family. I have more photos of her bags that I’m saving for a later post so be on the lookout!

This would have been my outfit if I was 3 sizes smaller! It is pretty great and I won’t be surprised if it goes to a good home soon! Psst! Click the photo to see the back! It’s the best part!


Since most of you are reading this on Friday I hope you are ready for the weekend. If you’re in the Georgia area come see me and Saint and Rambler Vintage at the Indie South Back to Cool Market in Athens. Cheers!


What I Wore Wednesday: Yacht Anyone?

Ok so if you live in and around the Columbia, SC area, at least one person has mentioned they are looking for: Yacht attire, accessories, something with boats or have asked the question “what does that even mean?”. If you’re not clued in already it’s the theme of this years Free Times party.  I love a party with a theme! I like dressing up and seeing what everyone else comes up with….but Yacht? Not nautical. Not sailor or sailboat? Well ok. As crazy as this city is I’m excited to see their interpretation! If you’re a play is safe person you could always go with white pants and stripes with a cute boat shoe  or loafer like Tory Burch or Sperry. (by the way the Sperry wedge are a staple in my closet!!)

Since it’s a week away I started getting in the mood and of course that also meant pulling out some of my favorites that are in the shop or soon to be. Pardon the silly selfie but this vintage light weight button up with tiny sail boats has been really fun to wear this summer. I might pair it with a red circle skirt and navy boat shoes.


You could always go a little more formal with the nautical shift and a cute wedge shoe.


Oh and Fellas if your going a retro Don Draper look just pair this with a pair of short tennis shorts in white or blue;)


I know it’s not mending monday but I couldn’t help but pull these ladies out and give them good wash! Both are 1940’s babes with lots of details!




Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more sneak peeks as I start photographing these for the shop….However the second one just my walk itself into my closet for a while! Cheers!!

What I Wore Wednesday: Graphic Tee’s

You would think after High School Graphic Tee’s would no longer be a staple in my closet….you would be wrong! I might love them more now. It also doesn’t help that the Hubs shares my love of the quirky and we sometimes fight over which size to get him so I can wear it too! Ha! Here are some of my favorites lately.

Vintage Graphic Tee’s



This one is a 70’s graphic tee from Africa that I paired with my black and white arrow skirt from Loft for a casual look. (ignore creepy claw hand) The best thing about vintage tee’s is they are already broken in, soft and one of a kind. Rarely to do you see two alike, and they make great statement pieces. Conversations around them include not only where you thrifted it but also the subject matter. This one just sold but it was too funny not to share. (BTW it’s actually a REAL festival!!! Learning lots of new things here in SC!)


Vintage Inspired Tee’s



If you don’t find or can’t wear the perfect vintage tee, I recommend these from Sandra Mack. Screen printed on American Apparel tees and you can personalize it by choosing your own color. Also the Hubs loves any thing to do with the outdoors and its a bonus these also promote America’s Parks!

Quirky Tee’s

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.46.13 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.46.43 AM

Ok we are truly obsessed with Andy’s designs from Artisan Tee’s. We have quite the collection going. His tees are soft and have a good fit. The hubs has broad shoulders and narrow waist and they hang so their isn’t any gap-age around the waist. Also a bonus is he can be found at Soda City downtown most Saturdays if you are local and he ships everywhere from Charleston, SC. (oh and the above two designs are on sale!!!)

Now don’t be shy, bust out your tees and enjoy your weekend!

p.s. Let me know if any of the above links are not working;)